EVL new firmware changes security settings

Just a heads up. This week, Envisalink rolled out new firmware for EVL devices ( 01.12.191 for EVL3)

One change that is not clearly documented is an enhancement to the security of the module. If you have the default ‘user’ password still set, a ‘firewall’ is put in place that disallows web and TPI access from a different subnet / vlan.

This means if the Vera or your PC is on a different network and you have not changed the default password, then you will lose control access, however you can still ping the EVL. The fix is to change the password for the unit and update vera with the new information.

Good to know. Thanks for posting!
Do you know if the password restrictions of 6 characters or less is still in force?

It seems that it is. I tried a longer password, but the text box seem to stop at 6 characters so I selected a new one . Kind of crazy but I cannot imagine any situation where you open it up to the outside.