EVL 4 and Vera Edge Plugin not working

I have an Envisalink 4 board connected to an ADT/Ademco/Honeywell Vista 20P panel. This setup is working well. I am trying to link this to my Vera Edge (latest firmware as of this writing) and am having no luck.

The plugin installs but then reports, “EVL3 not found at forced/discovered IP address.”. The discovered IP address is correct, as is the password to auth to the EVL4.

I am using the most recent version of the plugin that can be downloaded and installed from the app store. I tried the direct link to the more recent version, but the link returns an error, so no luck.

Any help that can be offered would be great.

UPDATE: 5/28/2016
Vera Edge firmware version: 1.7.1707
EVL4 firmware version: 01.00.86A

I was able to update to v4.0.21 of the EVL plugin by following the manual update instructions. I have reloaded the engine and rebooted the Vera several times and still no luck. The plugin sees the EVL4 but then returns: “Startup FAILED: EVL3 not found at Forced/Autodiscoved IP Address.”

Under the EVL3VistaAlarmPanel if I select: Advanced->Params

altid; ip; mac; manufacturer; and model are all blank.

QUESTION; Should I enter the device’s IP and MAC information in the Parms section?

Under the EVL3VistaAlarmPanel if I select: Advanced->Variables

QUESTION; IS THIS NORMAL? InterfacePassword has been truncated to the first 6 chars of the pwd
QUESTION; IS THIS NORMAL? EVL_MAC_Filter has been truncated to 6 chars; two colons and the first 4 of the mac

Lots of other variables are blank, but they seem like they are meant to be populated after successful connection to the device has been made.

It seems like something may have changed in the auth from the EVL3 to EVL4 board and the plugin can not sign in.

If I turn on logging on the Vera, would the plugin log anything that would be helpful?

I went ahead and enabled logging and found the following:

01 05/28/16 7:11:31.207 luup_log:22: (EVL3VistaAlarmPanel::verify_EVL):Requesting EVL webpage. <0x775ab520>
01 05/28/16 7:11:31.284 luup_log:22: (EVL3VistaAlarmPanel::initializeIO): Failed: Unable to verify EVL3 - Web interface did not identify an Envisalink module. <0x775ab520>

Let me know where you are expecting the web interface to identify the EVL module and I can try to determine what the EVL4 is reporting.

Looks like setting the Envisalink4 password back to the factory default of “user” was the trick to getting the plugin to talk to the Envisalink board. Once things are setup, I’ll try changing the password to something more secure.

I experienced the same issue. Seems there is a 6 character limit for the password.