EVL 2DS TPI Logins?

I am troubleshooting a few alarm related issues.

  1. Yesterday my Vera (after removing the Nest plugin, installing the Vera nest plugin and a few other plugins and also making some alarm panel changes) started displaying this in the top of vera “Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure.”.

I put on an old backup and this error no longer occurred.

I now have the “problem” backup on and am monitoring things.

But I am also trying to establish a baseline and on the 2DS I have enabled TPI logging. I get emails with the various logins/closed connections.

overnight they were coming like every 13 minutes; now every 35 minutes or so.

Would anybody with an Envisalink 2DS mind turning on TPI logging and let me know how frequently your system logs in/closes the connection (and immediately logs back in)?

Trying to get a base line here.


I will turn it back on when I get home. There should be no difference between the 2DS and the EVL3.

I have it switched on for a few hours and not one alert… However, truth be told, the other day, assisting someone with UI7, I disconnected from UI5, and I have not returned it to the operational state until right now and immediately received notification it was connected. I will let this continue monitoring overnight and get back to you tomorrow.

The other monitoring option which applies to your account setting which is Network Supervision. See below for more details.

“Network Supervision enables the module to report status to the servers every 10 minutes and if you have checked Network Supervision alerts in your Manage contacts section, then should the network or internet fail, you will get and email/text alert. Without this option selected in Manage Device, then the check-in will not happen and should the Module loose connectivity with the servers, it will not be detected.”

Ok, it it reporting every… No real pattern. 10 to 12 minutes for the first hours, then 20 to 35 for the remaining time since. By no way consider this to be a benchmark. The product is hypersensitive to high volume network traffic and large networks. They have put a lot of effort into managing this but admitted there is physical limitations due to the available ram and hence the increase for the EVL3.

Ok thank you.

That aligns with what I was seeing too.

I have the latest UI 7.

I have a backup (also with the latest UI7) i can go to that I had just after this UI7 upgrade. Everything works fine.

What changes: I deleted the Watou Nest Plugin, installed the Vera one, and removed some cameras. Now my Vera reports this: “DSCAlarmPanel :Invalid Password for the EnvisaLink module, please reconfigure.”

If I go back to the old backup, this does not occur (but I still show a high frequency of TDI logins). If I then restore to this newer backup, same error.

If you log on to the 2DS locally do you still use the default password or did you change it and therefore, added additional variable to allow for this?

If you have modified the default user and password, see http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,5154.msg77911.html#msg77911