everyday random lua startup errors

Since i upgraded from vera lite to vera edge (UI5 to UI7) i have constantly lua startup errors.

First i believed these where lua code errors but i simple cannot find any, tested the code a hundred times but can’s find any.

Also the lua errors are completely random and a lua reload solves them.

Problem is that when they occu no scenes are working anymore and your home automation gets completely useless…
Also there is no way to detect/determine where these errors are coming from.
In UI5 i never ahd these crashes/errors, if there was an error in the code it simple did not run at all.
In UI7 it seems the code run and it can randomly give an error which results in a crash.
According to vera support it is moslikely caused by plugins, but which one no-one can tell.

Ofcourse i resetted and reinstalled the unit several times but no luck.
Have also contact with support but here also no luck, even they can’t tell me what is causing these errors.
Support installed a beta firmware which handled plugins better, this seemed to work until a update was available 2 days later…
Sadly the installed beta update had a nasty bug, it created ghost devices which where not present. After updating these creation of ghost devices was solved but the random startup lua errors where back…

I really getting desperate and even considering to sell the vera unit and switch to an other brand where the code is much more reliable.
If there is an error it should cleary state where the error is (in which scene/line etc) and it should NEVER effect the complete function of the unit as it does now, other scenes and triggers should still function is my opinion.

Anyone an idea how i could fix this, i do like the product and what it really can do, but if it cannot run stable it is actually very useless.

I get these errors once per 1 or 2 days, this is really much… (during these times there are NO changes made in lua code)

What hardware platform are you running on ?

hardware platform?

Vera Edge or what do you exactly mean?