Everspring ST814 parameters

Hi there,
I just bought a VeraLite under UI5 and a ST814 to retrieve remotely the temp of room for my cottage.
I am a newbie, I think I have done something wrong as per the temp has only vary of 1? since a week same variation for humidity. I am quite sure that these value are wrong because too stable (17?c is display, in my chalet and the eating is of, outside temperature between 8-15?c and the isolation is poor) . The vera reports always 17 or 18?c.
I do not know what I have done wrong (pooling, additional parameters 6,7,8). What has to be done the master device and onto its child on the interface…
I m running the latest FW for VeraLite.
I do not expect any automation or prommaging yet.
Many thanks for yor helps/tip/tricks
Additional details upon request (because I do not know what to provide you !!)
I dont know what pooling is, what grouping is, what nodes are usefull for… :cry: