EventWatcher syslog option, any way to use fqdn instead of ip address?

Looks like the syslog option ip:port will only work with an ip address and not a fqdn.

Why would I want to put a full host name there? Because I want to syslog back to my home NAS and I have a dynamic ip address at home. Would love to put be able to put a full host/domain name in that field and have it work.

Then again I also thought that in some ways that could slow things down having to do a DNS lookup for every syslog call. Not sure if that would be a real problem or not or if there would be a way to only do a DNS lookup every so often. Just openly thinking here.

Has anyone else encountered this (and found a workaround maybe?). For the moment I put in the current ip address that is assigned at home, but that changes about once a month or so on me so its not going to work forever.

I think this is an easy fix. Let me take a look and see.

I’d plan to resolve the domain name once a day, say.

Once a day would be more than adequate in most peoples cases… thanks!

Well, then, perhaps I should just do it on every Vera reload - most people have lots :wink: