EventList2 comparisson operators

I see a comparisson operator in a JSON file that looks like this:

  "serviceId": "urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1",
  	"serviceStateTable" : {
  		"LoadLevelStatus" : {
  			"value" : "31|40",
  			"comparisson" : "@"

I tried searching the forum and the wiki and found nothing to explain how this works. This is yet another example of how difficult it is for plugin developers to accomplish things in their code. The info in the wiki is is often incomplete and sometimes even incorrect. I understand that devoting resources to maintain the wiki is painful but if EZLO/Vera wants to rely on users to develop/maintain plugins they should supply the technical details to allow them to do so. Forgive me if the meaning of this comparison operation should be ‘obvious to the casual user’ but I haven’t come across it before.

The “@” operator checks a min/max range. The min/max values are given with a “|” delimiter.

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