Event Watcher and Light Sensor


I am logging the light level and temperature of an AEON 4 in 1 sensor, which seems to be working OK

I am polling every 30 secs, and able to plot the results all well and good.

My problem is that in the evening/overnight when the light level is low - the light level is changing by 1 every poll so every 30 secs it is recording 6 or 7 - the temperature is only logged when it changes.

Is there any way to alter the sensitivity of either the Aeon Sensor or the Event Watcher so that it doesn’t log such minor changes??



This is not really something that [tt]EventWatcher[/tt] can do much about - it simply reports changes to variables that it is watching. However, the 4 in 1 sensor has a variety of configuration parameters, well discussed elsewhere on the forum. A search should reveal all (well, some, at least.)