Event Matches Keyword

I’m having a hard time grasping exactly what/how to define the keywords for matching a calendar entry. I’m trying to set my porch lights to change colors based upon the holiday/day. Those holiday’s that are static, always on the 25th or 11th, are simple to set. Those floating days are harder to pin point down. I/E: Mother’s Day. However I found an issue with PLEG that if you put an apostrophe within the event name, it nukes all your Device Triggers. A work around would be to use the GCal plugin and set a keyword of MOTHER to trigger on. But I’m stuck on where to define this. I browsed through the help PDF file, but am still lost.

What key piece of knowledge am I missing?

Look in the Advanced tab for the gc_Keyword.

I prefer the second option in the guide, but the first option should work as you are trying.

"The main way to use the plugin is in scenes. There are two ways to to trigger a scene, either:

  1. Set gc_Keyword to some value – in which case you use “Event Matches Keyword” in the
    scene definition and the scene will trigger when an event with that name occurs; or
  2. Leave gc_Keyword blank – in which case you use “Event has a specified name” in the
    scene definition and supply the name of the event that yu want to trigger the scene.
    Note: The name you provide for “Event has a specified name” must be in upper case."

I think I get it now.
Within gc_Keyword I would specify a word. For Example DUH.
And then within my calendar, any meeting/event that contained “Duh” would then trigger it. Provided that exactKeyword was set to False. Leaving it true, the event itself would HAVE to be Duh all by itself.