Event and timer notifications


Is there a way to register a listener for a particular event. For example can I register a notification when a light goes on or off ?

Thanks !

The Lua engine will be the easiest way to do that. If you’re willing to get low-level, you can read the syntax of message interception on linuxmce.org. Vera uses the same DCE libraries, so both binary and text dce messages, including interceptors, work on Vera.

Thanks for the reply. Can u be more specific on how I could track either sensor events or lighting events to get my executable called ? - Reading the linuxmce wiki, it looks like I should be able to create a gsd and get my excecutable registered that way using their web admin interface. Not really sure how I will accomplish this with vera ?

The lua works the same as gsd. It’s just lua instead of ruby because Lua is lighter.