Euro cylinder lock

Hi all,

Got a uPVC front door with a euro cylinder lock and no keys.
Tried drilling from the inside but the barrel refuses to turn.
I’ve drilled through the key hole as well as the part where the pins in the casing meet the barrel, even saw some of the pins drop out! Bot still it won’t turn ???

Now I’m wondering if the outside lock will still be operational for picking and such, even though the inside one is destroyed because of drilling?

Will appreciate any advice! Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

This is the wrong place to be asking about circumventing a lock. You might have better luck asking in a forum that is appropriate for this matter.

  • Garrett

Sorry, wasn’t sure where is the best place to post this.

To update, finally managed to open the lock after breaking a few drill bits, wasn’t easy but at least learnt a few things in the process. So can open lock with drill, just takes time and/or skill.