EU version of the Vera with Z-Wave controller with US frequency (Nevo S70)

Hi everybody, first post here so please be kind if I ask stupid questions.

I am writing from Spain, and I have been using an universal remote controller for quite some years now that I am very happy with (nevo S70) to control all my AV equipment. I bought this controller in the US and as you may know this remote can also control equipment though Z-Wave, in fact I also use a couple of nevo NC-50 to control hidden AV equipment. Now I wanted to start adding z-wave appliances to my home (again European home with 220v appliances), so my question is:

Is there any way to use my Z-Wave US frequency remote (Nevo S70) with a EU Vera to control Z-Wave EU appliances?

If so, can you please detail all the necessary equipment?

Many thanks in advance,