etherrain plugin setup

I’m using UI5.

I see the instructions are for UI4 and lower.

I have a few questions.

I put in my ip address.
the username and password are already in there. i didn’t change them.
i put in times for each zone.

my questions are I assume they just run zone 1 then 3?

what is the delay start for? just for the whole setup in general? meaning if i set it to on it won’t actually start to run till that time i specified is met? or is that for a delay in between zones?

also what is the refresh status minutes for?

thanks a lot!

Hello jimim,
When using EtherRain with Vera it’s best to just enter 0 in the delay field - that way your cycle will start at the scene start time. If you enter a value in the delay field the irrigation command will be sent to EtherRain when your scene time arrives, but the EtherRain will wait for the delay period to elapse before starting the cycle.