EtherRain-8 UI7


With UI5 I was able to have the app create multiple devices for the same controller. In a sense I used scenes to control each “zone” separately (ie. just the front yard to water, or just the backyard)

For the life of me, I can’t get UI7 to add a device manually with the same device file and impl_file. I have opened a ticket with MCV to see if it is something that I am missing. I have tried every step possible and have all the MAC/IP addresses to input, but can’t get my VERA3 to recognize it as a duplicate EtherRain-8 device.

To the EtherRain experts out there, please let me know if I am overlooking something simple, or is this something that can no long be done.



Have you found an answer? I can’t get EtherRain to work with UI7

This suggestion by “Bulldog Lowell” works well for ne and allows me to use 1 controller to create a bunch of virtual ones in scenes to have different schedules for watering,24208.msg166627.html#msg166627