Ethernet light goes out intermittently and USB stick probs

Hi All,

New to the forum and only been lurking for a short while but I can’t find any mention anywhere of whether my observed behaviour is normal. I’ve noticed that my ethernet light goes out occasionally on my Vera2 running latest firmware, and I can’t talk to the device on the web interface (no surprise).

I have set it up with a static IP so it shouldn’t be dhcp related, plus it’s not used as a router, just a z-wave device.

It’s certainly been fun routing around for info and setting up the device but I’ve also not found a way to mount my ext2 formatted USB stick, I followed the instruction on to no avail, I just get an error saying invalid argument. If I try and specify a format type (with -t ext2) is says no device present. I’m sure about my formatting but just in case, I used gparted with the ISO mounted in vmware, it formatted ok and I can mount the drive to linux running in vmware on my pc ok.

Any help greatfully received.

Thanks, confuserated

What version are you running? What size is your system? You shouldn’t need a USB flash drive unless you have a pretty big setup.

Hi, thanks for the quicky response ;D

I’m running 1.1.1047 on a vera2 with only 5 light switches currently, but I want to expand the system to include an alarm (DSC? any others recommended?) and several more rooms/lights/curtain motors, so I’m just playing at the moment.

I only have a few scenes setup switching on lights at sunset etc and it all seems to be working great except for the occasional lack of response to my need to look at the dashboard or play with the iphone app ;D

I guess I could just wait for the next firmware to allow me to log to a usb drive but I’m just getting to know the system and it’s bugging me that it’s not working as I expect it to.

Thanks again.

With your small setup you won’t benefit from the flash drive. If you’re mostly playing right now, you’ll want to upgrade to the next beta version when we get it stabilized. I’m hoping that will be in the next few days. I’m sure MCV will announce it in the forum soon.

Your Ethernet problem is something else. MCVs servers have had some problems in recent days and might be the cause. I’m assuming that you have done local troubleshooting of your network availability, cabling, etc.

On the alarm integration, there are several guys doing this who are very active in the forum. Do a search and you’ll find lots of responses to your question.


Oh well, I guess I should wait.

I’m a bit surprised that MCV servers can have an impact on the status of the local ethernet port though, I’ve had a good look at the supplied cable and my local network is very stable so that shouldn’t be a problem. The only thing I have a problem with is a Linksys WAP200 wifi AP that sends out a constant stream of spanning tree messages, so I need to swap that out shortly.

Thanks again

I didn’t notice that the z wave light was going out earlier as well, so the lights on the front panel look exactly like the whole unit ddoes when it restarts.

Is there a log I can look at that will tell me specifically about startups/crashing or even note if it is happening as it appears?

Thanks in advance

Please see for a quick view on the available security systems.


thanks for the post