ERROR: Z-Wave network failed to go into learn mode. Please wait 1 minute and try


I constantly get this message when trying to add from the dashboard or directly from the vera edge buttons a new device.

What shall I do ?


This is a snippet from an earlier post

It’s what I would do.
On the Mios “Toolbox” taskbar:
Under the “Z-Wave Device” tab, advanced tab “Backup Dongle”
When completed.
On the Mios “Toolbox” taskbar:
Click “Advanced”
Click the “Backup” tab.
Create backup.
Restore as you indicated.
Dont forget to take your Vera 2 out of service as both units would be on the same network.
Good Luck…

The entire thread can be found here

Hope this helps good luck (I searched I do not own the vera yet…