Error when trying to manually register a plugin

So this is new. On my Ezlo controller, I can no longer manually register a plugin via the
/opt/firmware/bin/ha-infocmd hub.extensions.custom_plugin.register plugin_name
command. I get the following error in the ha-extensions_manager.log:

ERROR: Error during loading gateway config from json
ERROR: Plugin: fail to get a gateway part of the plugin’s config

I get this when trying to register our plugin, in a version that worked in the past, or with a copy of the ezlo_wol plugin.

Anyone else seeing anything like this?

Tried doing a factory reset on the Ezlo Plus, and I still get the same error.

Hi @richK ,

Can you please try first creating your prefix, and then use the Plugins section to upload your plugin.

Please refer to this guide about creating plugins: