Error when creating sensor group that won't clear

I’ve gone round and round on how to label this topic. It’s maybe a bug, but not really. Or it may just be by design. I’m moving my PLEG over to Reactor, and consolidating my Reactor Sensors too into groups based on similarities. Anyway… I discovered a possible minor issue in doing so. (Again, maybe this is by design.)

When you create a brand new group within a sensor and immediately put a Restriction on it before any conditions, say Condition must be sustained for X seconds, it will put a red line down the left of the group. I know this is an error as I didn’t yet have any conditions defined within the group. However as I added conditions to that group, the red line remained. Once the Restriction was removed, then the red line went away.

So I know this is an order of operations issue, which is maybe why it is by design. Conditions must be defined before Restrictions. Just wanted to point it out in case it was an error and it was supposed to clear itself when a condition was defined.

I’ve always thought the red line just meant it was waiting for you to click save after making edits.

No. It’s to show there is an error that’s needs fixing. But in my case, when I add conditions, it doesn’t see that it’s been fixed. I’m totally ok with this too @rigpapa, just pointing it out.

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