Error using sample PLEG Code

I have been trying to setup the Simulate Smart Switch from your website and I keep getting an error when vera 3 reloads. Below is the information I have setup and the error:

Name Description
LightOff Lamp is turned off
LightOn Lamp is turned on
LRMotion Living Motion is tripped
Night Day or Night indicates Night time.

Name Repeat Expression
MultiOn No LightOn @ 2 < 30
MultiOff No LightOff @ 2 < 30
AutoOn No LRMotion and Night and ((Not MultiOff) or (LightOff; Now > 1:00:00)
AutoOff No (MultiOn and (LightOn; Now > 1:00:00) or ((Not MultiOn) and (LightOn; Now > 15:00)


Program Logic Event Generator[20] : (MultiOn and (LightOn; Now > 1:00:00) or ((Not MultiOn) and (LightOn; Now > 15:00): Invalid Expression Operator: TMP_3 in:(MultiOn and TMP_1 or ( TMP_3 and TMP_4

I am a newbie so please excuse my ignorance.

Thank you.

You need to balance the open and closing parenthesess.

Thanks that fixed it.