Error Parsing Actions New

When I add LUA code in “Logic Actions” I have error “Error Parsing Actions”.
I try whit a simple LUA code: local IP_address = ‘IP address of camera’ and the same error.

I have Vera Plus UI7 Firmware: 1.7.3015
PLEG Current Version: 8.11

Seems to be the same problem like in topic “Error Parsing Actions” from december 2016,40669.msg300891.html#msg300891
but without a solution.

Thanks for any help.

Till we will have an answer from developer, we can load the LUA code into a scene.
Scene can be started from PLEG → “Logic Actions” → “Immediate” → “Program Logic Event Generator” → “RunScene” → “SceneNumber”.
I try with “SceneName” but dosn’t work.

The question remain: running LUA code inside a PLEG is working or is under development ? :wink: