error in logs

when tailing the log, I regularly see lines like this:

02	12/31/14 22:54:49.103	ZW_Send_Data node 40 NO ROUTE (nil) <0x2c0cb680>

I see it for several nodes. I am assuming this a problem that I need to fix. Any suggestions on where to start?

[quote=“PJJP, post:1, topic:185049”]I am assuming this a problem that I need to fix.[/quote]Why? Seeing a log entry that you don’t understand and assuming it is a problem you must address is a recipe for trouble with Vera. If your system is working as expected, without looking for trouble, then I would recommend leaving it alone.

The log entry means that Vera isn’t aware of a route to the device. This is not at all uncommon, especially when it is a battery operated device. The device may have been sleeping during the last heal and had routes to it removed since it “wasn’t there” at the time of the heal. In most cases, Vera will broadcast the command and it will reach the device directly and everything will work fine. A route may be added at the next heal or not.

Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be. This is only a problem if the device doesn’t work. If the device doesn’t work, then the standard resolutions are necessary. Heal the network. Wake the device during the heal if it is a battery operated device. Exclude and include the device. Add intermediate nodes…

Edit: Not all log entries are errors. There’s lots of information including this entry that is present for perfectly working systems.