Error in Job rotating logs

After finally setting up a syslog server in my home network I noticed a process on Vera regularly failing:

crond user is trying to execute in /usr/bin and regularly fails.

Anybody has this too? what are the causes?

I gave a look at the script but is far too complicated to understand quickly (at least for me)

tx in advance

On a side note: does anyone have a local copy of the GDL plugin for syslog? As you may know the author withdraw it from public access (and I respect that decision and share some of his reasons) but I would like to try it out


To answer your side note. To respect his wishes it is forbidden to redistribute his plugin.

  • Garrett

Correct and fair.
If the developer wants to share the plugin he will answer my access request on his Google doc account.
Nevertheless a pity for the community.

About the main topic I reiterate, while trying to understand myself, the question.