Error always displayed on dashboard.


I received my VeraEdge yesterday. It is at 1.7.961 (I think it’s latest as of now). I did the setup, also bought a Evolve On/Off switch to test it.

It work great, except that on the dashboard, I always have this message at the top :

restore a500002c.a5->2010000.1approximately 1 days ago a500002c.a5approximately 1 days ago

If I go to the Alerts page, it is empty because I did delete those 2 alerts, but they still show on dashboard…

I included 2 images to show what I mean, if it’s not clear :slight_smile:

Welcome to Vera!

This has been an issue for some while, and has yet to be fixed.

It’s a “known issue”.

Oh ok.

It’s OK, it’s just annoying…

One other thing annoying is the inability to easily add my Foscams cameras. I had to use the Blue Iris plugins by running a VM with blue iris just to be able to have it work, and it always display that 1 device is not responding (but it’s not true) :S

Maybe i’ll remove the camera from my Vera and let them separate. I will move in 2 months and I might buy a 4-5 Camera Kit + DVR at Costco or something similar.

For Sensors or triggers, i’ll buy real sensors.

I’ve given up on the whole idea of using Vera to do anything that I need to depend upon.

The software is so ridiculously buggy, on top of a tragically bad UI.

Funny thing is, Domoticz ( is significantly more stable, feature rich, open source (free), and runs on a Raspberry Pi. Add in the RazBerry Z-Wave module, and for about $100 you have something that will eat Vera’s lunch.

Thanks for sharing. Perhaps you’ll remember to check back in in a month or two and let us know how it’s going.

I’ve been off of Vera and on Domoticz for several weeks now, and with the exception of accidentally unplugging the box once, it’s been running flawlessly.

What’s most impressive is their events engine. You can easily perform very complex events through a drag and drop “blockly” interface. It makes writing events trivial.

One thing that always irritated me about Vera was if I wanted a scene that goes on at sunset and off at 11, I had to either write two - one for on, and one for off - or do some crazy DSL luapnp stuff.

Check the attachment to see how it’s done in domoticz.

It’s pretty slick, and eats Vera’s (at least UI7’s) lunch.

The interface looks nice. Does your scene work if Domoticz is interupted or restarted in the middle of that time frame?

The Domoticz interface looks quite similar to Fibaro’s interface. Do you know if that is intentional?

Yes. I’ve intentionally taken both the service down (change the listening port), and rebooted the Pi (needed to plug it into another outlet). Each time, it’s behaved exactly as you’d expect.

I’m not sure. I do know that the Blockly editor is a Google project, and open source.