Ergy Readings

Hello Intveltr,
I was reading thru the forms and didn’t see anything on this. Your multi value display works great with my aeon HEM. I was hopeing you can take it a step further where I can enter my avg cost for kWh so I can see my cost instead of usage. Maybe add something so I can keep a running cost/kWh for the week/month. Have the picture change on current energy uses. It would be nice to have 2 side by side show current cost and month todate. I am sure it would be the same for apliance monitoring as well.
Then if you wanted to dig deeper you can log into the site.

To be quit honest vera ergy site crashes all the time and the actually energy meter site is clunky 1/2 the time I can’t log in. When I just quickly want to see we’re I am for the month.

Keeping track of the weekly/monthly running cost would be tricky; since HomeWave doesn’t run all the time, it cannot properly log usage data over time. This function would have to be performed on Vera by some plugin (does Ergy do this?)

I see the delema, yes Ergy’s plug in I believe connects to a site that stores your data and all for a whopping 39.95 for the plus version. It’s good if you want too export data to excel keep track of different appliances and keep track of monthly ups and downs. When I can log in.

I am simple. Current cost/watts and current week/month total Quick and easy. I am sure they will make an app some day. But having the option on yours would be awesome.

I dought they will give you access to user info from there plug in right? Maybe giving your app access to that stored data might sell more subcription for them. It could be like an add on people buy though your app if so you get a cut. I believe there they only ones that store data via the vera right now.