Ergy > "Gateway SerialNumber: 300xxxxx is already assigned" after UI7 -> UI5

Hi folks,

Just like the subject says I’m getting the message “Gateway SerialNumber: 300xxxxx is already assigned” when I try to register for Ergy energy monitoring after downgrading from UI7 to UI5. I initially spoke with support on monday and they said it’d be fixed asap. So far nothing. I spoke with support 2 days ago again and they asked me to generate a ticket with Ergy which I’ve done.

Anyone know how to bypass this thing while I wait for Vera or Ergy?


Same problem here.

I bought my Vera secondhand, so I thought that it might have been registered to the previous owner.

I’ll check with Vera myself.

Did you contact Vera for this or Errgy?

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Both. Haven’t had much luck so far. I’ll give it a few more days in case they’re both stupid busy and then will look for a number to call.

Makes me wonder if the probes will exist when ui7 becomes official and I upgrade again.

They don’t support UI5 anymore.

Serious? That’s unfortunate. If that’s the case the Vera needs a lot of work before being deployed to the mass market. UI7 that is being offered as an RC is indeed a final version as I bought my Vera with UI7 on it. Problem is it doesn’t support USB logging or Serial ports. UI5 supports both but now apparently doesn’t support the Ergy plugin anymore.

As a new user you can appreciate why this would be a big issue. I’ve yet to have all my devices work seamlessly with the Vera and I don’t have much (1x whole house Energy monitor, 1x AD2USB, 1x light switch, 1x dimmer and 1x door lock.)

I appreciate your input AH and hopefully the devs can push out a product that works for everything and continue to support it while those who agree to test beta or RC releases do so and, deal with any quirks that are associated with testing.

The ERGY plugin has yet to be proven to work reliably. Most people have regretted their attempted use of this plugin.

It has caused system instability that is not resolved with a simple install … Often requiring a customer support ticket.

Ya, i had an issue before UI6 and 7 where even released. They just refunded my money and said they don’t support new UI5 customers on the first email response.

Any ideas on a alternative? Not for vera, but for ERGY.

Energy monitoring was one of the main reasons to switch from Homeseer to Vera.

There are a number of alternative on the forum form datamine other external option as listed in this thread,9998.0.html

I get exactly the same error in ERGY after downgrading from UI7 to UI5.

I’ve also raised a ticket, but no answer yet.

The strange this is that ERGY seems to be working anyway, even without logging in. But maybe there are other features that I would get after logging in? Not having used it before I don’t know what I’m missing.

With UI7, you’d get a GUI showing your current usage, estimated monthly usage, cost, etc. I’m not sure if that’s the same with UI5 though as Vera/Ergy flat out refuses to reply to any email or address any ticket about this. I know the emails I’ve sent their support team has been read numerous times as I’ve got a tracker for all my emails (embeds a hidden URL which tells me when the link is accessed.)

I’m not mad though, just disappointed. oh well.

After three days I got a reply from Vera.

They fixed the issue on my account. I went back in to UI5 and registered for a new ERGY account in the Energy tab and it worked perfectly.

There is hope.

Ditto. Got mine resolved and I officially have all my devices working now in UI5. Feels good to be done :slight_smile: