Eragy monitoring system

Anyone have thoughts on tying this into Vera like TED 5000 can?

Help me understand your question. I thought that Eragy was a system/software that reads energy use from passive tap probes like the TED 5000 MTU, the BlueLine cost monitor or the eGuage and its plug adapters or current transformers, etc. The software then reports usage data to utilities to understand usage patterns better.

Vera can read the TED 5000 to get a real time view of the whole house electricity usage. Vera can also get real time data from SmartSwitches or estimate the loads that it switches on and off. It can determine what circuits or devices contribute to the whole house usage.

So help me understand, do you want the utility to read Vera 2’s data? Do you want Eragy’s software at home to analyze Vera 2’s data?

Does anyone know a way to connect Vera to eguage? - I have eguage as part of my solar system and use Solar Edge, I was able to get that connected, but eguage monitors my entire home usage vs. only what is generated by the solar.

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