Epson Projector 5050UB Plugin

Gooday All,
I have an Epson 5050UB projector that is connected via ethernet to my PC with a static IP. My goal is to be able to control the power on and off function with Vera via either a virtual switch, reactor or eventghost.

I am able to use the Epson project manager application on Win 10 computer to control the power ot the applicaiton for the iphone, unfortunately those cannot be controlled by Vera or Eventghost.

WOuld someone be able to help me bridge the gap and get my power on/off feature for my projector integrated with Vera or Eventghost?



It seems to be supported by home assistant. I can’t seem to find a python or node package, but this is the way to go. Write it in lua could be more challenging and time consuming, but this projector has a local api, so it’s possible.

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