Envisalink 2DS, E3-DSC, E3-ADM firmware 1.11.128 Release

I know a few people have been awaiting the firmware update to enable Special Closing.
701 = “Special Closing
A partition has been armed by one of the following methods:
Quick Arm, Auto Arm, Keyswitch, DLS software, Wireless Key
701 1 Partition (1-8)
702 = Partial Closing
A partition has been armed but one or more zones have been bypassed.
702 1 Partition (1-8)”

Below is an extract their forum http://forum.eyez-on.com/FORUM/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1154&sid=b75aeefaf15539ee69329d31d99cbf0d

Post subject: Envisalink 2DS, E3-DSC, E3-ADM firmware 1.11.128 Release

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New Features:

  • Full support for 8 Partitions on Ademco panels
  • Support for Eyezon STAT50 WiFi thermostat (compatible with the CT50, and 3M Filtrete)
  • Fire, Ambulance, Panic buttons on DSC are now supported on the Eyezon Portal

New Envisalerts+ Feature:
-Remote control of User codes. You can now create/delete/edit user codes directly from the Eyezon portal (DSC Only, BETA).

Bug Fixes:

  • DSC TPI commands 701, and 702 are now working.
  • Local Webpage on Ademco now issues ARM_STAY instead of ARM_AWAY


  • This release will erase your partition address selections for partitions 2-8. You will need to re-add these to the local Envisalink page. This was unavoidable.

“special closing” means arming via a method other than entering a user code or master code on the keypad, correct? IOW one of the above listed methods.

Yes, that is special closing conditions.

@Brientim Is there anyway to update the firmware without having an account with Envisalink? And if no - what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an account eg more junk mail or no?

You need the account and register your device.

No junk mail at all.

Unlimited notifications either push or email. You can determine type.
Remote monitoring if desired.
Use their remote access; including, their app which is very good.
Customised zone name display recorded in their system.
Firmware updates.

Firmware updates are automatically pushed. Advanced notification of their deployment is via their forum.