Enigma2 Plugin for Linux Set-top Boxes (Dreambox, VU+, etc..)


I’m continuing the developpment of the Enigma2 Plugin started by Capjay here http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,10536.0.html

Please find attached the 1.0 version with the following changes

  • Icon Actualization of the Power State
  • Adding some functions in the Layout (Discrete power, color Buttons, Reboot, Restart GUI)
  • Adding Magic Button doing “Blue” + “Ok”
  • Review of the Layout
  • Refresh of the PowerState and Channel after UI command or every Minute

How to install:

  • Download the attached xml and json files
  • Upload them under Apps / Develop Apps / Luup Files
  • Upload tv.png, tv_0.png and tv_100.png to /www/cmh/skins/default/icons
  • Select Apps / Develop Apps / Create Device
  • Enter urn:dream-multimedia-tv-de:serviceId:DVR1 as device type, D_Enigma2.xml as UPNP device, and I_Enigma2.xml as UPNP implementation.
  • Reload the UI Twice
  • Under Advanced settings for the device, make sure you fill the IP address and username/password (if required)


  • tested on UI5 only
  • based on DirectTV plugin by @Guessed and @Strangely, Tivo plugin by @PurdueGuy and Enigma2 Plugin from Capjay (Thanks!)


is it possible to get the actual power status from the device, i want to use this for a scene.
If power status = OFF (so in standby) i know nobody is watching tv and ON someone is watching tv, could be handy in other scenes
Something like:
powerstatus = luup.variable_get(“urn:dream-multimedia-tv-de:serviceId:DVR1”,“PowerStatus”,ID)

is this possible?


Just wondering if anyone is still using (and/or maintaining) this plugin ?

I can confirm it works on UI7, looks good too… it just needs the .json updated to reflect the new UI formatting requirements

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