Enhancement suggestion: Widgets

I’d like to suggest adding Widgets to the Android app. 1x1, single-device or “scene” widgets. Multiple switches on larger widgets. I’d like to be able to turn things on/off, or adjust a thermostat without opening the app.


been asking for years for this.

Workaround, use an widget/shortcut app capable of sending http requests, e.g.

And use luup requests.


This will only work locally on same network, or use a vpn tunnel.


Oh man do we need Widgets!!!

Since Covid, I’ve been utilizing the Vera and its zwave capabilities to control lights at work. It’s getting tedius to open the app, wait for it to connect etc just to turn on a light.

Ideally i want one button that i can press when I’m parking my car in the parking lot and it (turns on the lights, air conditioner, and unlocks the office door for 5 minutes.)

Being on the office wifi network is out of the question in the parking lot. @ElCid Is there a way to route one of the HTTP request shrotcuts through Vera’s gateways? I mean, I know how to stand up my own webserver with a php page that can echo that request on through to the vera, but I was hoping they already had a way to do it.

You can use vpn to add your work to your home network, or forward a port. I use automate/tasker to send cloud messages, and automate then forwards a local http request

Many thanks! I’ve been trying to find a solution for quite some time as I’ve wanted to enter instructions as quickly as possible. This works for me well.