Enerwave ZWN-SC7 7-Button Controller Signal/Health Issues

I’ve been having issues with the Enerwave ZWN-SC7 sending commands reliably to my z-wave network (Vera Edge, latest firmware). If you look at the attachment, you’ll see that it’s located in a 3-gang box adjacent to a z-wave dimmer and scene controller. I’ve healed my network with stress test several times and I can’t get the Enerwave device to get more than a 2-star health rating which I suspect is responsible for the inconsistent behavior.

As a test, I programmed a Leviton 4-button scene controller with the same scenes and it works flawlessly. As you can seen from the screenshot of the health report, the two-adjacent devices have a 5-star health rating.

Does anyone have any idea why this device which is almost touching it’s 5-star neighbors has such a poor rating?

Different manufacturers put their antennas in different locations. It’s impossible for me to tell for sure, but my guess is that the antenna location in this Enerwave is suboptimal for your environment.

I suspect that the Enerwave is speaking to Vera directly, despite a possibly weak(er) signal. Since direct routes are generally preferable to intermediate routes, the Enerwave may not be even trying to communicate through its neighbors. You could try a manual route, to see if it improves things, but…

Your assumption as to the cause of your unreliable operation may be completely incorrect. The two stars may be(probably is) perfectly adequate signal quality and trying manual routes may make your situation worse. I’d suggest moving Vera closer to the Enerwave controller and seeing if that improves the reliability. If you get perfect reliability with Vera close to the Enerwave controller but less reliability with distance, then look to signal quality and routing.

I’ve not used Enerwave controllers, they may not be reliable or they may have issues with your firmware. My point is that less than perfect signal strength is not in itself an issue.

Interesting. Unfortunately, I can’t permanently move my Vera closer, but I’ll try it temporarily as an experiment. I did check the routing table, and it had mostly failed routes so I created a manual route by copying the routes of it’s adjacent switch. I’ll report back as to whether that helps or not.