Enerwave ZWN-RSM1S Three Way Dilemma


I have a bunch of Enerwave ZWN-RSM1S zwave relays.

I have a nasty 3 way light switch scenario that I can’t figure out.

Here goes:

Box 1/Switch 1: This has two traveler wires to box 2/switch2, neutral wire, and hot wire.

Box 2/Switch 2: This has two traveler wires to box1/switch1, neutral wire, and load wire to light bulb.

The dilemma:

How do I wire up the zwave relay so that BOTH light switches work manually in normal 3-way mode behavior? The Enerwave module MUST have constant power/hot to it, however as indicated the only constant power/hot is in box 1, but the load wire is in box 2. The instructions that come with the zwn-rsm1s mention 3-way usage and include a diagram BUT the diagram assumes you have three traveler wires between the two boxes (the only 3 way circuit I know of with 3 traveler wires is the “California 3-way”).

ANYONE!?!?! I think I am screwed (and yes this room is fully finished/drywalled (and romex, not conduit darn it)) as I can’t get around the “missing” third traveler.


I don’t know the Enerwave but I expect you can achieve the switching you want using two master switches.

Box 1 already has live and neutral so can power a z-wave switch. Use one of the two traveller wires to box two and you have live neutral and feed to light. Use second z-wave device here to turn on/off the light. Use association to make the device in box 1 operate the device in box 2.

I have basically done this in a number of places but using TKB paddle switches…

Good luck!

Does not seem like you can do it with a regular wired switch and I suppose you want to maintain the look of it to match the rest of your house?
In order to have get a three way installed on to the one relay switcher you indeed need 3 lines from one box to the other.

My recommendation if you don’t mind changing the look of your switch is to use another system. Either a Zwave 3 remote three way by connecting one of the travelers to the live so you can power the remote or use a wired 3-way like the GE set which also works with only one traveler and frees the other to be used as a live.

Actually I take it back. I misread your initial post on your box configuration and there is a way to wire it but your enerwave will be the master switch and your physical switch will become slaves (they won’t work if the enerwave is off)

Box 1:

This is where your Enerwave will be.
Connect load and neutral to the enerwave to power it
Connect load to the common of your wall switch
Connect the two travelers (one may be called load and the other traveller) of the switch to the two traveller wires to box 2

Box 2:

Connect the load to the common of the switch
Connect the two incoming travellers from Box 1 to the two traveller ports of the switch (one may be called load and the other traveller)

Doing it this way you basically lose the functionality of the enerwave relay being activated by the switch but I see no way around it.