Enerwave ZWN-BPC-PLUS device motion detect issue

I have a ceiling-mounted motion detector ( Enerwave ZWN-BPC-PLUS ) that goes on/offline. It will be fine for weeks and the next two weeks go in and out, It has nothing to do with location. So, Is there a way to update a device for this device? Is there a need? Will it help?

You should at least include the make and model of the device.

please tell us your device name and model number?

It is a Vera Plus with a Enerwave ZWN-BPC Z-wave Wireless Ceiling-Mounted Occupancy PIR 360 Degree Sensor, Battery Powered, Z-Wave Association.

Any help would be GREAT.

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Kicking this up to the top.

Looking for help

Have you tried unpairing the problem device from the hub and pairing it again? Sometimes that can fix these type of problems.

Yes it helps for a short period of time and goes back to going in and out… i even added a repeater thinking that would help. it didnt.

Hi @DRagu

I just checked the integration status with this device and our developers are working hard to solve the issue. I will let you know when we fix the issue and update it immediately.

Thank you.

any idea how long it takes to go from Developer to Firmware? Weeks? Months? Years?

Ben - Looking at older posts. It appears that the developers have been working on this since 2018.

Is there anyway to push this up on the list? Any help would be awesome because this device is ay my In-Law’s house and they are not happy.

ZWN-BPC PLUS - Include/Setupstrong text

Hi @DRagu,

We’ve just got the device from our dev team and testing it with eZLO hubs. I’ll share the status or any issues we encounter in a couple of days.

Hi @DRagu ,

So we’ve tested the Enerwave ZWN-BPC-PLUS and it works seamlessly. You can check it for yourself, bcs we’ve recorded the video for you:

Thank you. I have it connected to a Vera Plus and it goes offline a lot.

Did you recently update the firmware to include it? Should I deleted it and repair it?

It connects and 90% stays connected… It will go into a “Failed” mode and eventually reconnect. I’vd disconnected it and reconnected it several time.

Thoughts on what causes this? And it is right next to a repeater and close to the main unit.

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