Enerwave switches

Does anyone have any experience, good or bad with the enerwave dimmer or on off switches? From what I have read they support instant status, associations at about the same price point as Jasco switches, which do neither of these. I’m thinking about testing a few out…

For what its worth I purchased one of the scene controllers to test, and while the vera interface is less than perfect they function as described… though they do not appear to have scene on/scene off, I feel that they are a good value at around $45 US.


Very curious about this as well…

Lots of discussion here…

I bought a couple of the switches and one dimmer. I am planning on installing tonight or tomrrow. i will give an update on whether they actually support instant status or not. My contact with enerwave “Dave” stated that they do support instant status.


One downside is that the enerwave “slave”/switch for use in a three way circuit is a dumb device that uses a traveler, like GE/jasco. Enerwave looks pretty much like the jasco line with instant status. They even have the an inexpensive 7 scene controller, which is hopefully not limited like the Jasco model.

I should get the scene controller tomorrow. I hope those blue LEDs aren’t too intense.

I installed a couple of the switches last night. 1 dimmer and one on/off They work as advertised. The on off does have instant status, it worked seamlessly to control a test scene that i made. I did not test the dimmer for instant status, but i would be surprised if it didn’t. I will check that tonight.

One thing that I don’t like about the switches is the location and prominence of the air gap switch. Maybe a little too accessible with kids around.

Other than that these switches-including the 7 button scene controller- are a great value and work well. My experiences with the tech guys at enerwave is good, very responsive with emails, they responded to items on a Saturday, impressive.

All for now!