Energy Disaggregation

Hi all

I bought an Aeotec Home Energy Meter a few months back and started to get interested in energy disaggregation or Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring - the process of taking the data from a single whole-home energy monitor and disaggregating it into the energy usage of all the individual devices that are connected.

I have some background in data monitoring having written some apps in that area and after a lot of research and development I’ve managed to come up with a system that works reasonably well (at least for my own set-up) and am looking for people to try it out and help improve its reliability.

Given a data source such as the Aeotec HEM logging every 5 seconds, the system can identify separate energy usage for devices such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, lights etc. That can then be used to show where energy costs are highest and reducing your carbon footprint.

I was surprised to find that 40% of my energy use was on devices that are never turned off.

Is anyone interested in having a go with it and giving me feedback? More information can be found here: Constant Graph.

Many thanks


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