Enable Load Sensing on Aspire RF Receptacle


I have installed a series of Aspire RF Z-wave wall receptacles throughout my house. The pairing with Vera and remote on/off all seem to work fine.

The only thing I could not get it to work is to enable its Load Sensing feature (so that when I manually switch on a light attached to the z-wave outlet, it will turn on the electricity).

I am guessing I need to put in some parameter values in UI5. Please kindly let me know if you know what the values are.

Thank you.


If you are referring to the outrageously expensive Cooper Aspire RF9505-TWS - Duplex Receptacle - 110v/15a, I do not believe that it has a load sensing feature.

You may want to contact Eaton/Cooper and make sure of this, though.

Thank you for the response. I just shot an email to Eaton support and will update this thread accordingly.

This is what I have on the parameters.

Ironically I have spent the past few weeks figuring out how to disable the load sense feature on Intermatic CA3500s… :o… CA3500’s come out of the box with load sense enabled. One guy was selling these for 6 for $99 on eBay but he may have run out of stock. A lot less expensive that Cooper.

In my journey I did learn about something called parameter 29 which on some receptacles is the parameter to enable/disable load sense. Not sure if its relevant to Cooper but to try is easy enough. Search for load sense and parameter 29 and you’ll find how its done…

Load sensing on a receptacle, mmm. And enabled by default. 8)

Parameters are manufacturer specific.