Emergency light question?

Emergency blinking light…

No, you have to repeat the entire line, changing the device number each time.* Put each on its own line, or put semicolons between each statement.

  • This is technically a lie. Ask me about writing loops in Lua when you’re ready.[/quote]

I was trying to add multiple lights to this code, but copying another line to luup does not work for another light. Only the first light will blink.
Any ideas???

Would you like to display your LUA code here so that we could see what is going on? Mutiple lights should work.

I waited a few days and copied the lines to add more lights. OMG, now it is working! Did the same things as before, only this time the luup is blinking ALL the lights I wanted.

This stuff is screwey, but I won’t question it if it works!

Thanks for the offer.