Email notifications from MeshBot actions not working

As the subject says, for me at least e-mail notifications from MeshBot actions don’t seem to work. I had two users set up on my Ezlo device (although there doesn’t seem to be any way to see or change what e-mail address is assigned to a user - either through EZLogic or the vera iOS app…), but when I run the scene I only get the push notification - not e-mail. As a test, I set up a new user with my email-to-sms gateway address as their e-mail, and added that new user to the notification list, but sure enough I didn’t get any e-mail or SMS notifications when running the scene.

How might I be able to fix this?

In the Vera mobile app go to settings and notifications area. Is email enabled in there ?

Also out of interest what email to sms gateway are you using? Is that a free or paid for service ?


It’s provided by my cellular provider <phone_number> Seems to work well. A test I just sent came through in less than three seconds.

So this continues to be non-functional for me. Running a scene with an e-mail notification (or, so I assume, since I can’t get into edit mode to double-check, but I did set it up that way) as well as vera push notification results in the vera app push notification, but no e-mail - either to the user with my main e-mail setup, or to the user I set up with my email–>sms gateway e-mail.

I guess I should try contacting support directly…

we’ll get more details on the issue you faced. then, we can fix the issue. I’m contacting you to get additional info to investigate it on our side.

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