ElTako sensors connection to a ZWave system

I’m building a new real-time notification system for wind/rain alerts, to protect my roller shades, stop sprinklers and so on.

I’ve successfully tested a system based on ElTako wind sensor+rain sensor+LRW12D.
LRW12D is a digital relay, getting the wind input and converting in an alert firing if a given setpoint is reached

The LRW12D relay is very cool, since I don’t have to calculate anything with a custom device or rely on something that could miss a high wind spike and thus I’m sure I’ll protect the roller shades.

I’m trying to get the high wind output and relay it to a ZWave sensor. The outputs are Mosfet outputs, so maybe I need something between a FGS 223 and the relay to switch the controller. Anyone has any idea? Thanks.

You could probably use something from the MySensors forum, using an Arduino, but perhaps it’s not worth bolting on another ecosystem for just one sensor.

Thanks for the suggestion.
The relay is already triggering a 220 load, but it seems to not be enough to switch a Fibaro FGS 22*.
I’m starting to think that I need another relay just to switch the s1/s2 of my fibaro. I will check with my electrian next week.

So, after a lot of months (and mostly no rain and low wind), I finally completed this project. I initially planned on using a Fibaro Universal Sensor, but it was impossible to find and the new Smart Implant is not yet compatible.

So, I bought a couple of Shelly V1. They can handle 12v, so the integration with the rain sensor (Kemo M152 => https://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/House/Garden/M152-Rain-Sensor-12-V-DC.php) was very easy.

Unfortunately, the Eltako LRW12D and the Shelly are not directly compatible, since the Eltako is switching + and the Shelly is taking - as the input. So, I had to get a relay in between (one of the chepest one find on Amazon for 4-5 Euros, that can handle + or - as input, and have NO/NC contacts - very handy).

On the Shelly side, I opted to use MQTT (and a custom MQTT-To-Vera app written in .NET Core and running on my Linux box), but you can also trigger HTTP requests directly with the Shelly. To avoid false positives, I wrote a Vera Handler that checks for the status of the Virtual Sensor before updating it. So far, it seems to work OK. I have to mount it on my terrace in the next days, but it seems to perform well on my desk.

If anyone wants more info, I can provide them.

Hi Thinking of the same setup with eltako wind sensor and I use the Kemo M172K

I have a Fibaro universal sensor and correct me if I am wrong but it should work directly on the in1 and in2 with 12v feed in the LRW12D-UC from what I can see on the spec.?

Is it working good?


I have since transitioned to a fibaro smart implant, adding a temperature sensor to the mix.

I have both wind and rain going into the eltako board, that’s switching +, while smart implant expect -, so I have a cheap relay from Amazon doing it. It’s all running at 12v.

ok, have the same setup in my garage with a universal sensor, I use my DSC Neo alarm sensors (cable) so I can see if door and port is open or closet. I then also use a cheap lo current relay https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/hem-kontor-fritid/larm-sakerhet/larmsystem/detektorer-sensorer-ovriga-tillbehor/universalrela-12-24-v-2-a-24-v-p50602

Here is my final version 3D printed , the rrainsensor and the wind sensor in one piece wall mounted with my own custom Bracket done in FUSION 360…


My setup is similar, less fancy :smiley:

I simply run an ethernet cable and the divice itself is near the house, while the sensors are on a terrace. Temperature sensor got its own casing, to protect from heat:

Yes but yours works…haahaha… I had a rainy day today and didn’t work so good. The rain sensor is to close to the housewall so to little rain comes on it. have to mount it like you have in open air… Gonna Cad a new one… Stay tuned…

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