ELK/NESS M1 expanded functionality.

Anyone got any request for functionality in the plugin?

Not promising anything as I may not be able to build some functionality specially if I don’t have the hardware.



I may have missed it, but is there any way to get the “last tripped” date/time for the Elk security sensors? If not, that would be functionality I would like to see. Other security sensors have this property available. My ultimate goal is to have the property exposed to HomeWave.

I would love to be able to send signal from VERA to ELK…

In my old house, had an X-10 keypad in the bedroom; one key would increase temp for hvac, another would decrease temp. Had the alarm panel keypad in bedroom make a chirp to acknowledge temp change…

Even nicer would be to have the temp sent to the display… don’t know if that’s even possible since the thermostats are linked to VERA, not to the ELK.

Thanks for asking!!!

Bill Walters

If you are still paying attention to this plugin, I have a couple of requests, if possible.

  1. PIN storage, preferably encrypted.

  2. I’ve noticed that there is no trigger or condition in the scene creation tools in UI7 to differentiate “Armed Away” from “Armed Stay”. This is a bit of a PitA for me because I have a scene that notifies me when my motion sensors are triggered using the condition that they are armed, however, I set my alarm to stay mode at night and when I move around my apartment, the notifications are still delivered because stay mode is considered “armed”. It would be nice if I that could be changed.



Haven’t looked at pin storage due to security implications with Vera. Not sure if this has changed recently as I have not been following development closely.

Try “DetailedArmMode” this should give finer grain control, that is if I understand what you are asking correctly.

Elk only let’s you name and show / hide outputs 1 through 64. If there were a way to get outputs >64 to show up, that would be a big help. I’ve pretty much used up all of the outputs 1to64 as either actual outputs or for “virtual” outpit’s to pass information. From Elk to Vera.

Is there already a way to show the remaining outputs, or a way to pass information other than outputs or tasks?

Thanks for all you work on this plugin. It’s the heart of keeping my system up and running as I use the Elk for my physical I/O.

Oh, one thing that happened recently is that the Vera can no longer connect via the secure port…

Under the main device use a CSV list in OutputControls.

The plugin has never been able to connect using the secure port, so not sure what is happening.

I just wanted to say thanks on the direction for the outputs >64. It took a bit for me to understand but now I have it working.

Also, I think my Elk disabled the unsecure port and for some reason I assumed Vera has been connecting via secured. I reenabled it and it started working again.

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