Elk m1 via xep to Vera 3 not working

Hi guys
the IP address of the ELK XEP is
I have port 2101 unsecured ticked in the XEP set up page in the RP software.
I have created a device in the developed app section and entered the XEP IP address.
I have then gone to the M1 app - advanced and entered the IP address and port
this does does not work for me

Any help would be great

Can you provide logging from the Vera?

Also recommend you check out http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY-994i_Series_INSTEON:ELK_Security_Module this page has instructions on how to set up the ELK for non-encrypted connection for ISY but same settings apply to Vera.

Hi Zoot
I have all the correct setting in the ELK RP software. As per the wiki page you suggested i visit.

any chance of a screen shot of a vera with the correct locations highlighted to enter the details

I have now all the zones showing up in the vera App. All zones show armed state which is weird. I am now receiving constant emails notifying me of movement as I walk around the house. (this has now stopped with out any changes being made)

I am also unable to disarm each zone as i am asked for password which I don’t know where to enter the password in the vera ELK app. I don’t understand why it would show armed when I am current at home with alarm disarmed.??

appreciate any help

this is the only info i can find.
it does not mention anything about what the wiki page does ( pass code)

Panel connected to Vera on Ethernet port using Elk-M1XEP or wireless using WiFi RS-232 Serial Adapter

Open the alarm panel device control panel >> Advanced tab. In the ip input field enter the IP address of the Ethernet adapter and the port on which it is connected. (e.g. if the IP address of the Ethernet adapter is and it is connected on port 5000, the ip value should be
After Luup has restarted reload the UI.


The email notification is more to do with the Vera notification system than the plugin. Try searching this forum for information regarding that issue.

This is the correct status. At the zone level they can either be armed or bypassed and this status can be used by the Vera or the ELK to ignore if alarmed or to do some other action.

The actual arming is done at the partition level and the ELK M1 requires a PIN, please have a look at the screenshot attached.

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