Elk M1 Plugin

New to Vera… have the Edge got it connected no issues, download the Elk Plugin and it says Elk Panel Missing Port Cant find device. Where do I find the port vera is look at so I can change it if needed. I am using 1.7.906

Port for the Elk can be set in the ElkRP software. Once in ElkRP goto Account Details -> M1XEP Setup -> TCP/IP Settings. You can also enable the Non-Secure Port (2101).

That I am aware of as I always program my panels on the secure port. I guess my question is how does the plug in get pointed to a specfic port? Is there someplace with in the plug in set up that you tell it to look for?

Try specifying the port where in the IP box on the advanced tab. So, for instance, port 2101 as:

that did work but stops soon after and gives a device not found error… for the moment I am just trying to change the home / away status so I can run the appropriate scene. think I will just for the time being put a z-wave form c contact in and program a relay in the panel to trigger when the panel is armed. Hopefully that will work.



Can you supply logs. If so make sure you set “Debug =1” in advanced TAB on ELK device this will ensure more verbose logging for the device.


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