Egloo Cam

I have been given an Egloo TSC-221N cam.

It hasn’t come with any instructions.

I’d like to establish if it can be added to my Vera. Anyone had any experience of these cams and can offer any advice would be much appreciated.

Manny thanks

Egloo TSC-221N, being a 3rd party camera, you should be able adding it to Vera as a generic camera only for image acquisition.

Steps from Dashboard:
Cameras > Add Camera > IP Camera (Other IP Camera) > at Step 4 click on “Manually install the camera (advanced)” check the option:

“If the camera is not in the list ‘click here’ for manual configuration.”

  • select Other IP camera
  • enter the URL address of the camera
  • username
  • password
  • hit “Test” button

Vera don?t work with cameras that require ActiveX or a Java Applet and very important, the camera must support MJPEG streaming protocol.

Thank you
I’ll give it a go…