Edge to plus upgrade

I was very worried about upgrading my Edge to a Plus, but everything worked out better than expected, after the issues I had read on this forum I was hesitant. I backed up my Zwave network and Vera Edge, and restored it to the Vera Plus as outlined in the help file. I unpluged my Edge and set the plus to the old Edge IP address. A few minutes later my plus was online and communicating with all my Zwave devices with only 1 minor issue. I had to purchase a new license for PLEG. No problem because the license is cheap and I love to support Richard and his excellent Plugin. I know I was lucky! Now that I have cursed myself by bragging about it, it may fail tonight. BUT, I plugged in my old EDGE and it still works fine as long as the plus is un-plugged from the network. Looks like I have an emergency backup! This is not a recommendation, because I’m still testing!!!

My upgrade also went smooth at first. However, I started to receive a bunch of “can’t detect devices” a few days later for various devices.

My Edge to Plus also went well and is still going strong a few months later. I’ve got almost 100 devices, a few scenes, a whole bunch of PLEG and they’re all working well so I’m guessing you’ll be fine.

I realize this is a very old post but thought I would give it a try. Have VeraEdge and want to go to Plus, hopefully without re-installing everything. Do you know how I can find the help file you refer to?



Just backup your Zwave network, do a full backup and restore onto a new controller. That’s all is needed today.

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