Ecolink motion sensor

I’m a MCV Veralite newbie. I have the Ecolink motion sensor and as a test I have it armed and trigger to turn on living room light. How long will the lights stay on? Do I need to add another scene to turn lights off when not triggered? Or use PLEG?


the lights will stay on until you shut them off. you can shut them off by:

  1. In the same scene by adding a delay You can create a delay within the scene you switched on the device on. Try going to Scenes, Immediate and Manage Delay and add another layer of events at that delay period. See attached

  2. at the switch

  3. in another Scene that is fired from the Armed Sensor ‘not Tripped’

  4. with a PLEG event that says turn it off when you don’t detect motion any longer.

  5. or a number of other ways…

You can get help on any of these by searching the forum and we will help when you are stumped.

A non PLEG way of doing this is using the countdown timer that gets triggered off the motion.
And turns on the light

Then an off scene that gets triggered when the countdown timer is up to turn off the lights.

The countdown can be reset as long as the motion remains to restart the countdown… This will delay the off scene as long as you have motion.

Yes… PLEG is cleaner… And sooner or later we all need to learn it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the 'smart switch" plugin which works well for automatically timing out motion activated lights.