Ecolink Flood/Freeze Sensor - hiding phantom Motion Sensor device

I have an Ecolink Z-Wave Plus Flood/Freeze sensor which is working fine - I added it as a generic Z-Wave device, and see two devices in Vera - one flood sensor and one freeze sensor. But I also see a phantom motion sensor associated with each. Is there any way to hide the phantom motion sensors? FWIW, a Luup sdata request shows the flood sensor as the parent of the freeze sensor and both phantom motion sensors.


So nobody got back to you for this?
I have the same problem. I sent Tech Support a message about it. He responded that he looked at my system and hid the devices for me. But they are still there. I have messaged back about that and no response yet.
I will contact him again.
I also want to know how to do it myself.

I installed one of these and ran into the same issue. Does anyone know how to get rid of the extraneous devices?

Hide it:

luup.attr_set("invisible", "1", id)

where id is the child ID.

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I would like to utilize this fix also, I am not sure where to put in the code you spelled out.
Please clarify - Thank you very much.

Put it in the “Edit Startup LUA” under Apps - Develop Apps area.