Ecobee - Setting to Cool or Heat

I would like to have my Ecobee change from Cool to Heat when the outside temp drops below a given level (and the other way too of course). On the thermostat in devices I can click on Heat or Cool and it will change. But in trying to make that happen in a scene those buttons don’t respond. So…PLEG to the rescue I thought, but I don’t see that in teh list. I see current_setpoint, mode_status, mode_state… Can anyone point me in the right direction here?

Update: Found a way to do this using AltUI. Post is here:,31359.30.html

Why not just put it in auto and set the temps where you want them?

My clients get confused/don’t like it with teh dual numbers. Also we work with lots of 2nd homes. Someone was visiting their house in Feb. & had it set to cool because we had a warm spell. They went back to Ohio & it turned freezing here again in March & the system was still on Cool so it solves problems like that.

I am not sure about an Ecobee but I have set up PLEG to set my CT101 to heat/cool based on outside temperature. Status report attached.

Gotcha. There’s a fix for that but it doesn’t make everyone happy… :slight_smile: