Ecobee Plugin Keeps Asking for New PIN

I get a request for a new PIN in the Ecobee Plugin almost every day. Anyone else seen this? Any remedy?

I haven’t had any issues. Is your internet connection solid or does it go up and down? The plugin refreshes the PIN every so often and if it’s down when that happens, it loses sync… When you get the PIN, are you getting it into Ecobee’s system and can you access the thermostat through Vera?

@Chimpware - I also am getting this request after I took the latest firmware.

I have deleted the ecobee app and re-installed it and added the PIn generated to my ecobee account on

Still occurs daily.

Daily? You must be lucky. It is happening hourly or less here on the latest firmware.

Daily would be driving me nuts. I get it weekly. EcoBee website still shows Vera as an authorized app.

Just my 2 cent here: Mine asks for a new Pin only if my vera is disconnected from the internet for an extended period of time (Few minutes I think) or when I recover from a backup. If you are having a daily problem, it maybe that your internet connection has dropped for a period of time so your token renewal was out of sync. I do think ecobee renews it a little too often and it is way more than once a day. The shortest I have seen is able to reconnect without a new pin from a 10min old backup. I think after 30min and I needed I new pin.

Many internet services I have had were servicing at night sometimes every night for a times for hours. Might want to check your internet connection.

I don’t know the time frame for the pin sync either, but it’s likely a tad too often. Once the pin is out of sync, the message appears even though the app is still authorized.

Mine stabilized after I fixed things the vera was angry about with my upgraded UI5 config. Some motion sensors support had to fiddle with to work correctly, and luup code in scenes needed to be resaved, probably an encoding/formatting change between the versions that was causing the vera to crash often and lose the key/fail to update/etc.

My ecobee plugin** setup was stable for weeks and months, but lately has been going haywire again with respect to the dang PIN. Now, it’s an almost daily affair that I have to re-enter my ecobee Authorization key, click GET PIN, go to the ecobee website, delete the old Vera app, put in the new PIN, and accept the new app.

Can anyone shed like on making this stop?


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**I don’t actually see an ‘ecobee’ plug-in per se, just the master device that it once installed. Now, I’m forgetting how I got this installed; probably directly from the github repo that was once administered by @rafale77 .

P.S. (I know this issue used to be blamed on Vera restarting all the time, but I really think my Vera Plus is super-stable at this point, with all the bells and whistles minimized as much as humanly possible!)

NOTE: ALL the while, I have 5 other authorized apps registered with ecobee, none of which require any updates … ever. :-/

Could it be that ecobee now makes the PIN expire after some time? This was supposed to be using a developer’s API so it should not but you never know. It could be a way for them to control the number of connected customers to their cloud servers which at one point were constantly overwhelmed. (Ask me why I sold mine and went the zwave route)
Are you sure your vera is not luup reloading? (Even this should not be a problem for the plugin but the vera has a knack to corrupt stuff so…)

Not sure at all that my Vera Plus isn’t doing the reboot dance, but thought I had succeeded in quelling all that hoo-hah with your various Luup code snippets and judicious pruning of extraneous bits.

Remind me how to check on reboot frequency? (I know it’s not at the level of invoking a Reactor LOCKDOWN, at least!!)

I would install the system monitor plugin which simply reports the last OS reboot and luup reload based on the data recorder in the OS.

If your other apps are still connected then there should be no particular reason for the API to reject the vera’s connection.

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Done! Neat plug-in!


Mem Available 181088 kilobytes
CPU Load (1 minute) 0.24
CPU Load (5 minute) 0.22
CPU Load (15 minute) 0.19
Last CMH Reboot
Last Vera Restart
Last Luup Restart = 18:17:01 Thu 26 Mar 2020

That time was approximately when I installed System Monitor, FYI.
I’ll keep an eye on this. Any recommended Reactor triggers to set up?

Well I went the “brutal” route back then of putting lua code in the startup lua to send an http call to home assistant which then would send me a pushover notification that my vera had reloaded so I could come and frantically check if something had gotten corrupted (often something would). After two weeks of not having any of this, it is feeling a bit weird.

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Any clue how to stop the UPnP Proxy: message appearing in blue every few minutes? I deployed both your “UpnpScanning” and “UPnPEnable” killer codes, but that’s not it, evidently. All ears for more ways to streamline and calm.

Wow, never seen these after disabling the UPnP scanning. It doesn’t appear to be off. By any chance do you have the UPnP proxy plugin installed for a sonos plugin?

Yes, you caught me. :slight_smile: Is there anything I need to do to neuter that some??

Well these messages are coming from this plugin. What is the message?

It’s just the UPnP Proxy app’s child device reporting as follows:

Seems to be aligned with Luup restarts. Whatevs. I’ll just watch things closely for now and dwell on the ecobee plug-in drop-outs again tomorrow.