Ecobee app: How do I schedule the fan to turn on for x minutes?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying for hours, but I can’t figure out how to set the fan on my Ecobee thermostat to run at a certain time for x minutes.

The only options I see are to set the desired mode (heat/cool/auto/off) and temperature.

How the heck do I control the fan?



That is a setting you change in the Ecobee itself. Either at the thermostat or the Ecobee website/app. This is not something you do in Vera.

If you want to get fancy, then start looking at PLEG…

There are ADVANCED options available via the Advanced Mode for Scenes or PLEG … There you have the option to set the fan to
Auto, Continuous On, or Periodic

I came here wondering the same thing: “How can I use the ecobee plug-in by @Watou to turn the fan On or Off?”

Doing so manually is simple: Go to DEVICES > Ecobee Thermostat > Control > “AUTO” or “ON”

Doing this using a Scene appears to be impossible, as “Fan” control is not exposed within the Ecobee Thermostat device, so far as I can tell.

But doing it programmatically should be possible with Luup code or a craftily designed GET request (beyond my brainpower to conjure up, sorry), given that the ecobee API accommodates such commands.

I just wanted you to know you’re not alone in wanting access to this feature. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: One working solution is to create a Flow in Stringify, triggered by Date/Time or (in my case) verbal commands to Alexa. Stringify offers “Fan On” and “Resume Program” commands to control the ecobee thermostat, and the fan’s run time can be governed by a Timer module in the Flow.

NOTE: Once Vera gets IFTTT interoperability, such recipes might become workable, although IFTTT does not currently offer a “Fan On” command for ecobee.

Best way around it for now is to run some luup code in your scene. The actions you are trying to take are not available in the scenes. I could give a shot a fixing it if I have time but I have not have much time to work on it lately.