Dyson Pure Cool Link - longshot but any advice?

Have a Dyson fan that connects to wifi and is recognized by my Harmony hub and can be controlled by Amazon Echo. I want to turn the fan on/off through my Vera Edge but my issue is that on the harmony hub, there is only a PowerToggle command…no discrete on/off. I’m trying to set something up on the Vera for my “bedtime” scene so the fan shuts off if it’s running. Problem is if the fan is not on, and “bedtime” runs…it then turns on. One thing that’s interesting is if controlling through the Echo, the Echo recognizes if the fan is running…so if I tell Alexa to turn the fan on…it will say “Your dyson fan is already running” and doesn’t powertoggle it off.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I might take advantage of the echo recognizing the power state so I can create a discrete power command on the Vera?